Source code for stetl.factory

from .util import Util

log = Util.get_log('factory')

[docs] class Factory: """ Object and class Factory (Pattern). Based on: """ def create_obj(self, configdict, section): class_obj_inst = None # Get value for 'class' property class_string = configdict.get(section, 'class') try: if not class_string: raise ValueError('Class name not defined in section %s.' % section) # class object from module.class name class_obj = self.class_forname(class_string) # class instance from class object with constructor args class_obj_inst = self.new_instance(class_obj, configdict, section) except Exception as e: log.error("cannot create object instance from class '%s' e=%s" % (class_string, str(e))) raise e return class_obj_inst
[docs] def class_forname(self, class_string): """Returns class instance specified by a string. Args: class_string: The string representing a class. Raises: ValueError if module part of the class is not specified. """ class_obj = None try: module_name, dot, class_name = class_string.rpartition('.') if module_name == '': raise ValueError('Class name must contain module part.') class_obj = getattr( __import__(module_name, globals(), locals(), [class_name], 0), class_name) except Exception as e: log.error("cannot create class '%s'" % class_string) raise e return class_obj
[docs] def new_instance(self, class_obj, configdict, section): """Returns object instance from class instance. Args: class_obj: object representing a class instance. args: standard args. kwargs: standard args. """ return class_obj(configdict, section)
factory = Factory() # bar="bar" # foo="foo" # x = mkinst("factory.Foo", bar, 0, 4, disc="bust") # y = mkinst("Bar", foo, batman="robin") # = import_class("foo.Foo", foo) # # o = x(foo) # x.p()