Source code for stetl.splitter

# Splitter Component base class for ETL.
# Author: Just van den Broecke

import random
from .util import Util
from .component import Component

log = Util.get_log('splitter')

[docs]class Splitter(Component): """ Component that splits a single input to multiple output Components. Use this for example to produce multiple output file formats (GML, GeoJSON etc) or to publish to multiple remote services (SOS, SensorThings API) or for simple debugging: target Output and StandardOutput. """ def __init__(self, config_dict, child_list): # Assemble child list children = [] section_name = '' for child in child_list: section_name += '-%s_%d' % (child.get_id(), random.randrange(0, 100000)) children.append(child) # Add ourselves to config for compat with Component config_dict.add_section(section_name) # We use the in/out formats of first child, will be compat chcked later Component.__init__(self, config_dict, section_name, consumes=children[0]._input_format, produces=children[0]._output_format) # Component sets to None... = children def add_next(self, next_component): # We use child list, maybe to be used later pass # Check our compatibility with our child Components def is_compatible(self): for comp in if not comp.is_compatible(): return False return True def process(self, packet): # Defer processing to our child Components data = for comp in = data comp.process(packet) return packet def do_init(self): for comp in comp.do_init() def do_exit(self): # Notify all child comps that we exit for comp in comp.do_exit()
[docs] def before_invoke(self, packet): """ Called just before Component invoke. """ for comp in if not comp.before_invoke(packet): return False return True
[docs] def after_invoke(self, packet): """ Called right after Component invoke. """ for comp in if not comp.after_invoke(packet): return False return True
[docs] def after_chain_invoke(self, packet): """ Called right after entire Component Chain invoke. """ for comp in if not comp.after_chain_invoke(packet): return False return True
[docs] def invoke(self, packet): for comp in packet = comp.invoke(packet) return packet
[docs] def init(self): for comp in comp.init()
[docs] def exit(self): for comp in comp.exit()