Source code for stetl.filters.xmlvalidator

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Filter: XML validation.
# NB: you need to have installed libxml2 2.8.0 or newer!
# Older libxml2 versions like 2.7.8 have a bug which causes failure in GML Schema
# parsing. See
# Author:Just van den Broecke
from stetl.util import Util, etree
from stetl.filter import Filter
from stetl.packet import FORMAT

log = Util.get_log("xmlvalidator")

[docs] class XmlSchemaValidator(Filter): """ Validates an etree doc and prints result to log. consumes=FORMAT.etree_doc, produces=FORMAT.etree_doc """ # Constructor def __init__(self, configdict, section): Filter.__init__(self, configdict, section, consumes=FORMAT.etree_doc, produces=FORMAT.etree_doc) self.enabled = self.cfg.get_bool('enabled', True) self.xsd = self.cfg.get('xsd')"Building the Schema once with (GML XSD) dependencies for schema=%s (be patient...)" % self.xsd) self.schema = etree.XMLSchema(etree.parse(self.xsd))
[docs] def invoke(self, packet): if is None or not self.enabled: return packet return self.validate(packet)
def validate(self, packet):"Validating doc against schema=%s ..." % self.xsd) result = self.schema.validate("Validation result: %s" % str(result)) return packet